Weishaupt Monarch WM

55 kW and 5,700 kW.

High Performance Gas or Oil Burner.

  • Outstanding price-performance ratio: Digital technology, a modular system and the most up-to-date combustion technologies make the Weishaupt monarch® a sound economic investment all round.monarch burner
  • Great versatility: Burners from the Weishaupt monarch range fire hot water boilers, steam boilers and modern high-capacity boilers between 55 kW and 5,700 kW.
  • User-friendly concept: All components, such as the fuel and air control system, are clearly arranged and easily accessible.
  • Spatially variable: Burners can be hinged open to the left or right.
  • Easy installation: All components are connected with plugs and sockets.
  • Particularly quiet operation: An innovative fan unit and aerodynamically arranged air components minimise the amount of noise produced.


For more information, Visit the Weishaupt website.

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